Watch Live as India’s Chandrayaan-3 Prepares for Historic Moon Landing Attempt

India is poised to make history once again as it prepares for the much-anticipated Chandrayaan-3 mission, aimed at achieving a groundbreaking soft landing on the Unexplored South Pole of Moon’s surface.

India's Chandrayaan-3 Readies for Historic Moon Landing Attempt

Credit: Google | Chandrayaan-3 Prepares for Monumental Moon Landing Event

Scheduled on Wednesday 23rd August:

6pm Indian Standard Time (IST)

1:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

2:30 pm Central European Time (CET)

5:30 am Pacific Time (PT)

8:30 am Eastern Time (ET)

Chandrayaan-3, often referred to as “mooncraft,” is an endeavor that underscores India’s determination to excel in space exploration. This mission holds particular weight due to its planned landing at the lunar south pole—a region that remains largely uncharted. The Vikram lander, a crucial component of Chandrayaan-3, is set to touch down near the lunar south pole, marking a significant milestone for space programs globally.

India’s persistence in lunar exploration is evident from its previous attempts, including the Chandrayaan-2 mission in 2019, which encountered challenges during descent. However, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has harnessed these setbacks as opportunities for improvement. Former ISRO chief K Sivan expressed confidence in the mission’s success, citing encouraging images transmitted by the lander. Learning from past experiences, Chandrayaan-3 has been meticulously designed with enhanced ruggedness to ensure a smoother landing trajectory.

The journey of Chandrayaan-3 commenced nearly six weeks ago, evoking a sense of anticipation reminiscent of the Apollo missions of the 20th century. Unlike its predecessors, India’s mission relies on more modestly powered rockets, employing an ingenious approach of orbiting Earth multiple times to build momentum for its lunar trajectory.

As the spacecraft, Vikram, detached from its propulsion module, it captured and transmitted images of the moon’s surface, providing a glimpse into the lunar terrain. The ISRO’s social media updates conveyed the agency’s excitement and confidence in the mission’s progress.

India’s foray into space exploration has garnered attention due to its efficient use of resources and engineering prowess. With a budget significantly lower than those of other countries, India has demonstrated its capacity to adapt existing technologies and utilize a skilled workforce to achieve impressive feats. Notably, India became the first Asian nation to orbit Mars in 2014 and is on track to undertake crewed missions in the coming years.

The Chandrayaan-3 mission represents a stepping stone in India’s quest for scientific knowledge. By exploring the uncharted lunar south pole, India contributes significantly to our understanding of the moon’s complexities. Should this endeavor succeed, India will join an exclusive league of nations—Russia, the United States, and China—that have achieved controlled lunar landings.

In parallel, the Indian Space Research Organization has captivated global audiences by sharing captivating visuals captured by Chandrayaan-3’s cameras. These breathtaking images provide perspectives from varying distances above the lunar surface, showcasing features like the Mare Marginis-a testament to ancient asteroid impacts.

As the world awaits the outcome of this daring mission, India stands on the brink of history, ready to etch its name alongside the pioneers of lunar exploration. Whether Chandrayaan-3 achieves its mission or encounters challenges, its legacy will undoubtedly endure as a testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of the unknown.

Watch Live: India’s Chandrayaan-3 Historic Moon Landing Attempt


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