Second Lawsuit Filed Against Lizzo Alleging Harassment

Lizzo faces a second lawsuit alleging harassment, creating concerns about her team’s work environment, a designer accuses her of fostering a hostile atmosphere

Second Lawsuit Filed Against Lizzo Alleging Harassment

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In an ongoing legal battle that has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, pop sensation Lizzo faces a second lawsuit alleging a toxic workplace culture rife with harassment and bullying. Asha Daniels, a prominent fashion designer, has taken legal action against Lizzo and members of her team, including wardrobe manager Amanda Nomura, citing disturbing incidents and a hostile work environment.

This lawsuit comes barely a month after a group of Lizzo’s tour dancers filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and derogatory behavior spanning the years 2021 and 2023. Lizzo vehemently denied these allegations, stating that they were brought forth by former employees who had been previously cautioned about their unprofessional conduct on tour.

The latest lawsuit, which has been reviewed by NBC and The Hollywood Reporter, accuses Nomura of using derogatory language and forcing performers to change clothes in front of a predominantly male stage crew, leading to inappropriate behavior. Shockingly, the lawsuit also highlights a group chat involving over 30 individuals, including Lizzo’s tour management and Asha Daniels. The chat reportedly contained graphic content.

The legal document further alleges that during the tour’s stop in Amsterdam, Nomura and other supervisors discussed hiring sex workers, attending explicit shows, and purchasing illicit substances, exerting pressure on Daniels to participate.

The lawsuit outlines a series of disturbing incidents, including threats of violence, bullying, and verbal abuse directed at Daniels and other crew members. These allegations include Nomura threatening to harm crew members, shoving an employee, and even snatching food from a local worker.

Moreover, Daniels claims to have endured grueling work hours, with 20-hour daily shifts, frequent denial of breaks, and alleged forced footwear changes despite suffering from an ankle injury.

In a troubling revelation, Daniels asserts that she reported widespread racial and sexual harassment to tour manager Carlina Gugliotta in February. Shockingly, her complaints were allegedly ignored, and she was subsequently terminated from her position before her contract concluded.

Speaking about her experiences on tour, Daniels told NBC that it felt like “living in a madhouse“.This stark contrasted with Lizzo’s onstage message of self-love, empathy, and strength.

In response to this new lawsuit, a spokesperson for Lizzo has dismissed it as a “bogus, absurd publicity-stunt lawsuit” orchestrated by someone who had never even met or spoken with the singer. This development is particularly notable as Lizzo is poised to receive a humanitarian award from the Black Music Action Coalition.

This latest legal action adds fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Lizzo and her management team’s responsibility to foster safe and respectful working environments. At a time when the entertainment industry is facing increased scrutiny over workplace dynamics, these allegations underscore the need for transparency and accountability.

As this legal battle continues to unfold, it raises important questions about the entertainment industry’s duty to address harassment allegations, shedding light on the challenges faced by artists and their teams in maintaining a safe and respectful work environment.


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