Bruce Springsteen Delays 2023 Tour Due to Peptic Ulcer

Bruce Springsteen‘s 2023 tour faces postponement due to ongoing health battle, leaving fans eagerly awaiting rescheduled concert dates

Bruce Springsteen Delays 2023 Tour Due to Peptic Ulcer

Credit: Google | Bruce Springsteen

Renowned rock icon Bruce Springsteen has announced the postponement of his remaining 2023 tour dates with The E Street Band to 2024, citing ongoing recovery from peptic ulcer disease. This decision comes after the initial postponement of his September shows, during which he publicly revealed his battle with this gastrointestinal ailment.

In an official statement shared on social media, it was disclosed that Bruce Springsteen has been steadily recovering from peptic ulcer disease over the past few weeks. On the recommendation of his medical team, he will continue his treatment throughout the remainder of this year. Fans need not despair, as the artist himself expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support and conveyed his anticipation of reuniting with them in the coming year.

Moreover, the statement clarified that rescheduled dates for all postponed concerts will be disclosed next week, assuring fans that these shows will take place at their original venues. Additionally, ticket holders who are unable to attend the rescheduled dates will have a 30-day window to request refunds through official ticketing channels.

This health setback first became apparent when Springsteen postponed two Philadelphia shows in mid-August, citing being “taken ill” as the reason. While specifics were initially scarce, it later emerged that he was contending with peptic ulcer disease when the September performances were also delayed. In a heartfelt social media message, Springsteen expressed his disappointment at having to delay these shows but pledged to return and make it an extraordinary experience for his fans.

For context, peptic ulcer disease, as elucidated by Mayo Clinic, manifests as the development of small sores on the inner stomach lining and a portion of the small intestine, frequently resulting in severe stomach pain.

The 2023 tour marked a significant moment for Springsteen and The E Street Band, serving as their first U.S. tour since 2016 and their return to international stages since 2017. Despite the health challenges he has faced, Springsteen’s yearning to perform live remains as strong as ever, and he eagerly anticipates reconnecting with his loyal fan base.

Bruce Springsteen’s decision to delay his 2023 tour due to ongoing health issues related to peptic ulcer disease underscores his commitment to his own well-being and the safety of his audience. As he focuses on recovery, fans can look ahead to 2024 with eager anticipation, knowing that The Boss will return stronger than ever, ready to deliver unforgettable performances.



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