Russian Mercenary Group Wagner Trains Belarusian Troops Amidst Foiled Rebellion

In the aftermath of the Wagner mercenaries‘ mutiny in Russia, Belarus has struck a deal with the group to provide military training for its forces.

Credit: Google | ‎On the Left Wagner Trains Belarusian Troops & On the Right Belarus’ Defense Minister Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin

Following the failed mutiny by the Wagner mercenaries in Russia and their refusal to join Russian army, Belarus has reached an agreement with the group to provide training for its soldiers. The Belarusian defense ministry released a video showing Wagner fighters instructing Belarusian troops near Minsk. With an undisclosed number of Wagner fighters involved, concerns mount over the potential impact on Ukraine. Meanwhile, President Putin‘s authority is questioned as questions arise about his decision to drop charges against Wagner. The situation remains tense, with Ukraine closely monitoring the developments.



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