UN Report Accuses Russian Forces of War Crimes in Ukraine

Allegations of Russian Forces’ War Crimes and Human Rights Abuses in Ukraine Trigger Global Outcry and UN Investigation

UN Report Accuses Russian Forces of War Crimes in Ukraine

Credit: Google | UN Human Rights Council

UN-appointed independent rights experts have released a damning report exposing severe human rights violations by Russian forces during their full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The report, presented to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, details shocking incidents of explosive weapon attacks on residential areas, civilian infrastructure, and medical facilities. Additionally, the report highlights instances of torture and sexual and gender-based violence.

Commission Chair Erik Møse delivered disturbing findings, revealing that Russian soldiers had committed rape and sexual violence against women aged 19 to 83 in the Kherson region. These horrific acts often occurred with family members forced to listen to the atrocities taking place.

The Commission’s investigations in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia unveiled the widespread and systematic use of torture by Russian armed forces, leading to fatalities in some cases. Victims described enduring electric shocks during interrogations, causing excruciating pain.

The report also raises concerns about allegations of genocide in Ukraine, warning that Russian media rhetoric may incite further violence. The Commission is ongoing with its investigations into these matters.

Despite multiple attempts, the Russian Federation has not responded to the Commission’s communications, emphasizing the need for accountability.

In response to questions from reporters, the Commission strongly rejected suggestions of equivalence in violations committed by both sides. Russian forces faced a wide spectrum of violations, while the Ukrainian side had fewer cases related to indiscriminate attacks and ill-treatment of Russian captives.

The Commission’s ongoing investigations in its second mandate focus on unlawful attacks with explosive weapons, attacks on civilians, torture, sexual and gender-based violence, and attacks on energy infrastructure. These investigations may shed light on potential crimes against humanity.

The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, comprising Chair Erik Møse, Pablo de Greiff, and Vrinda Grover, operates independently of the UN and does not receive a salary. The Commission’s mandate has been extended, with its next report to the General Assembly scheduled for October.

In a related development, a separate UN commission addressing Russian troops’ behavior in Ukraine revealed that they are “committing war crimes” and torturing people to death. Survivors have recounted enduring electric shocks for agonizingly long periods. Rape and sexual violence against women have also been documented, with family members forced to witness the horrors.

Commission Chairman Erik Mose emphasized the continuous evidence of war crimes by Russian armed forces in Ukraine. More comprehensive investigations are underway to examine attacks with explosive weapons, violence against civilians, torture, and attacks on energy infrastructure.

The principal targets of torture were individuals accused of being informants for the Ukrainian armed forces, and torture was predominantly conducted in detention centers controlled by Russian authorities. In some cases, torture resulted in the victims’ death.

While the exact number of torture-related deaths remains unclear, it is reportedly a significant and widespread issue across various regions of Ukraine. Russia was given the opportunity to respond to these allegations at the Human Rights Council meeting, but no representatives from Moscow attended.

These reports underscore the urgency of addressing the grave human rights violations occurring in the context of the conflict in Ukraine and the need for accountability on an international scale.



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