Matt Rife’s TikTok Stardom and Netflix Special Success

From TikTok sensation to Netflix star, explore Matt Rife‘s journey, global success, and upcoming comedy tour in this exciting overview

Matt Rife's TikTok Stardom and Netflix Special Success

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In a remarkable turn of events, comedian Matt Rife is making headlines with his extraordinary rise to stardom. From TikTok sensation to securing his own Netflix special and embarking on a global comedy tour, Rife’s journey is nothing short of spectacular.

Rife’s upcoming Netflix comedy special, titled “Natural Selection“, is generating significant anticipation. Scheduled for release in 2023, the hour-long stand-up promises to be a comedic tour de force. With fearless humor, Rife delves into a wide range of topics, from crystals to the antics of social media trolls. This special is set to be recorded at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., on September 22 and 23, forming an integral part of Rife’s expansive “ProbleMattic World Tour“.

What sets Rife apart is his meteoric rise in the entertainment industry. He gained prominence through viral content on TikTok, where he stands as the platform’s most-watched comedian. Demonstrating a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, Rife self-produced and distributed three comedy specials on YouTube, namely “Only Fans“, “Matthew Steven Rife“, and “Walking Red Flag“. The “ProbleMattic Tour“, managed by Live Nation, has been a resounding success, with tickets for more than 260 dates selling out.

Rife’s initial foray into television was marked by his debut on MTV’s “Wild ‘n Out“, where he achieved the distinction of being the youngest cast member in the show’s history. This paved the way for appearances in various MTV properties, including “The Challenge” and hosting the reboot of “TRL“. His talent transcended MTV, as he made memorable guest appearances “In well-received TV series like ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ ‘Fresh Off the Boat’, and ‘North of the 10′”.

However, it’s crucial to remember that Rife’s path to success was not without its challenges. Just a year ago, he faced the daunting task of selling a mere hundred tickets per show. Yet, earlier this year, he astoundingly sold approximately 600,000 tickets for his “ProbleMattic World Tour” within an astonishing 48-hour period.

The executive production of “Natural Selection” is a joint venture between Rife and his long-time manager, Christina Shams. The production is entrusted to Irony Point, a well-known name in comedy, credited with hits such as “I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson,” “Inside Amy Schumer“, and “That Damn Michael Che“.

What Rife’s journey highlights is the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. He underscores that the traditional route to success in comedy is undergoing rapid transformation. In the era of social media, talent has the opportunity to shine, build audiences, and redefine the conventional norms.

As the release date for his Netflix special approaches, Rife tantalizingly hints at a mix of humor, silliness, and thought-provoking insights. He aspires to entertain and provide valuable perspectives, offering something for everyone in his upcoming special.

As Matt Rife continues to make waves, it’s noteworthy that he is represented by Christina Shams at Avesta Entertainment, CAA, Felker Toczek, Suddleson Abramson,McGinnis Ryan, and R&CPMK. His journey from a TikTok sensation to a global comedy phenomenon, complete with a Netflix special in the works, stands as a testament to talent, hard work, and the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.


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