Lil Tay’s Instagram Hacked Spreads False Death News

Influencer Lil Tay‘s Compromised Instagram Account Raises Concerns Spreading False Reports of Demise Among Fans

Lil Tay's Instagram Hacked Spreads False Death News

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Rapper and YouTube sensation, Lil Tay, known off-stage as Claire Hope, tragically passed away at 14, as confirmed by a family statement on Instagram. This devastating news comes alongside the recent death of her brother, Jason Tian, aka Rycie. Tay shot to fame at just 9 years old with her audacious social media content, including her claim of buying a Lamborghini. She starred in a docuseries, “Life With Lil Tay,” in 2018. The last significant activity on her Instagram was a post in June 2018, dedicated to the late rapper XXXTentacion. Controversy had surrounded Tay, with allegations of abuse against her father, Chris Hope, and a subsequent custody battle.

In a startling revelation to her 3.2 million Instagram followers, social media influencer Lil Tay dismissed alarming rumors about her supposed death and that of her brother’s. The misinformation, it turns out, was a result of a significant breach of her Instagram account. Notably, the spread of such misinformation went so far as to misname her as “Claire Hope,” a stark deviation from her real name, Tay Tian.

The false death news emerged on Wednesday morning, deeply upsetting the influencer community and causing a flurry of concerned communications directed towards Tay and her family. Breaking her silence, the 14-year-old spoke to TMZ, shedding light on the “traumatizing 24 hours” she endured. She relayed the stress and confusion that ensued, particularly stemming from the endless heartbreaking calls she received from friends, family, and well-wishers.

Further diving into the breach details, Tay elucidated that a third party had maliciously gained access to her account, subsequently spreading incorrect information about her, even wrongly stating her legal name. What added to the mystery and concern was her notable absence from Instagram since 2018, roughly around the same time she was embroiled in a contentious custody battle involving her parents, Angela Tian and Christopher Hope. It was this silence, perhaps, that made the news of her supposed demise all the more believable to many.

Beyond these recent hacking incidents, Lil Tay’s personal life has not been without controversy. Notably, her YouTube bio briefly read “help me.” Many avid followers and netizens believed this to be an indirect cry for help, especially given past allegations of abuse Tay reportedly faced.

Reinforcing this narrative was a GoFundMe page set up in April 2021 by Tay’s brother, Jason, titled “Save Tay From a Life of Abuse”. It showcased disturbing images of Tay with visible injuries, attributing them to the alleged abuse at the hands of her father and stepmother, Hanee Hope. The claims further extended to Chris Hope’s supposed efforts to control Tay’s burgeoning career and income.

Despite these grave allegations, Chris Hope’s representation previously stated his primary concerns: an end to Tay’s controversial content, a guarantee that 25% of her gross earnings would be set aside in a trust exclusively for her benefit, and a structured strategy for her online image and brand.

Rising to internet stardom at a tender age of 9, Tay’s lavish lifestyle, and confident rap videos captured millions. With these latest unsettling events, fans globally are keenly awaiting further clarity on the influencer’s situation.



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