Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Given Three-Year Jail in Corruption Trial

Imran Khan sentenced to three years in prison after corruption trial verdict disqualifying him from political office

‎Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Given Three-Year Jail in Corruption Trial


Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, was found guilty of illegally selling official gifts while serving in that position, and a corruption trial resulted in a three-year prison sentence for him.He served as prime minister from 2018 to 2022. The verdict was announced by the election commission and has disqualified Khan from holding any political office.

The charges against Mr. Khan revolve around not declaring money earned from selling gifts he received while in office, which included valuable items like Rolex watches, a ring, and a pair of cuff links. The total worth of the gifts was reported to be more than 140 million Pakistani rupees ($635,000; £500,000). Despite vehemently denying any wrongdoing, the former cricketer-turned-politician was taken into custody from his home in Lahore after the ruling.

Imran Khan’s party, PTI, has lodged an appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision, aiming to challenge the verdict and prevent his disqualification from office. However, if the conviction is upheld, it could permanently bar him from standing for public office.

Since his ousting in a no-confidence vote last year, Khan has been a vocal critic of Pakistan’s powerful military, accusing them of colluding with the current government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to keep him out of politics. His arrest in May had led to violent clashes between his supporters and the police, with many senior officials from his party being detained during the unrest.

Imran Khan’s claims of conspiracy by the government and alleged involvement of the United States in removing him from office have resonated with the young population of Pakistan, where anger and disillusionment with the political and military establishment are fueled by economic hardships and anti-American sentiment.

The former PM’s conviction and disqualification will have significant implications on Pakistan’s political landscape, especially as the country is expected to hold elections before the end of the year. As Khan’s popularity remains strong among his supporters, his absence from the political scene may lead to further unrest and uncertainty in the lead-up to the elections.

It is important to note that Pakistan’s military has historically played a prominent role in politics, leading to speculation about their involvement in Khan’s election win in 2018. The case against Khan and the subsequent verdict have also raised concerns about the independence of the judiciary and the perceived influence of the military on the country’s political affairs.

Imran Khan’s three-year jail sentence has sparked both support and opposition across Pakistan, with many viewing it as a test of the nation’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law. As the political landscape evolves, the implications of Khan’s conviction will undoubtedly shape the course of Pakistan’s future.



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