Devastating Monsoon Rains Claim Dozens of Lives, Leave Thousands Displaced in South Korea

Heavy monsoon rains in South Korea have resulted in the tragic loss of at least 36 lives, with nine people still missing.

Credit: Google | The Korea Herald

The torrential downpours have forced the evacuation of 7,866 individuals, displacing thousands across the nation. President Yoon Suk Yeol, currently on a state visit, expressed condolences and emphasized the mobilization of resources to address the disaster. The affected regions have witnessed landslides, housing collapses, submerged tunnels, and overflowing dams, leading to extensive property damage and power outages. Rescue operations continue as the death toll may rise further. The government’s response to the crisis is under scrutiny, as survivors demand better precautions and weather forecasts, given the recurring nature of such extreme weather events.



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