Ashton Kutcher Resigns from Thorn Amid Danny Masterson Controversy

Kutcher and Masterson‘s Thorn Exit and Its Effect on Child Safety Advocacy, Organization’s Future Amid Public Backlash, and Legal Challenges

Ashton Kutcher Resigns from Thorn Amid Danny Masterson Controversy

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Ashton Kutcher, co-founder of Thorn, an organization dedicated to combating child sex abuse and human trafficking, has announced his resignation from its board in the wake of a public outcry. The controversy arose due to character letters he and his wife, Mila Kunis, wrote in support of their former “That ’70s Show” co-star, Danny Masterson, who faced serious allegations of sexual abuse.

Masterson’s legal troubles culminated in his conviction on two counts of rape, resulting in a 30-year to life prison sentence. Kutcher’s decision to step down reflects a deep sense of responsibility for the unintended consequences of his character reference for Masterson.

In a candid letter addressed to Thorn’s board, shared on the organization’s website, Kutcher expressed profound regret for his actions, recognizing the importance of prioritizing Thorn’s mission to eradicate child exploitation and human trafficking. He acknowledged that his character statement for Masterson had, in effect, further silenced the voices of sexual abuse survivors, directly contradicting Thorn’s core objectives.

Kunis, likewise, has decided to resign from her role as an observer on Thorn’s board, signaling their collective commitment to addressing the situation. In an Instagram video, the couple conveyed their understanding of the pain their character references had inflicted. They reiterated that their intention had never been to undermine the credibility of the victims or inflict further trauma, emphasizing their enduring support for survivors and advocacy work.

Thorn, in response to Kutcher’s resignation, expressed gratitude for his significant contributions spanning over 15 years. The organization remains steadfast in its commitment to its mission, thanking the broader advocacy community for its dedication to the cause.

Ashton Kutcher’s departure from Thorn marks a significant moment in the organization’s history, calling attention to the challenges faced by advocates striving to ensure the rights of sexual abuse victims are upheld. Despite these recent challenges, Thorn remains dedicated to its vital work in safeguarding the welfare of children. The organization continues to resonate with its community of supporters and advocates, embodying its enduring commitment to child protection in an ever-evolving landscape.



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